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Action Comics (DC)
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Adventure Comics (DC)
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All Star Comics (DC)
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Aquaman (DC)
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Batman (DC)
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Detective Comics (DC)
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Flash Comics (DC)
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Green Lantern (DC)
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Jonah Hex (DC)
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Justice League of America (DC)
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More Fun Comics (DC)
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New Adventure Comics (DC)
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Sensation Comics (DC)
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Showcase (DC)
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Star Spangled Comics (DC)
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Strange Adventures (DC)
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Superboy (DC)
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Superman (DC)
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Superman´s Girlfriend Lois La...
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Superman´s Pal Jimmy Olsen (DC)
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Teen Titans (DC)
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The Atom (DC)
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The Brave and the Bold (DC)
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The Flash (DC)
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Wonder Woman (DC)
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World´s Finest Comics (DC)